Using a Wedding Budget Spreadsheet


Using a Wedding Budget Spreadsheets


Weddings can be very expensive and if you are looking for something that will help you to keep the expenses in control, a wedding budget spreadsheet. This will help you to keep track of the spending. It is easy to spend more than you can afford when planning for a wedding and most brides usually add more items as the planning process is underway. If you make good plans, it will not be difficult for you to stick to your budget.

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

A wedding budget spreadsheet includes a list of all the items that you will have to include and how much you can spend on each one of them. The spreadsheet should be used during the entire planning process. Every time you purchase something for the wedding, you should use it. The best way to make the spreadsheet effective is by updating it on a regular basis.

One of the best features that are included in the wedding budget spreadsheet is the contingency column. This allows you to allocate about 10% of the wedding budget to unforeseen expenses that may arise during the planning process. This will cover anything that goes wrong. The contingency is only supposed to be used in case of an emergency and not to increase the number of items you will have at the wedding. The money can be used in case the flowers you ordered for are not delivered in time and you have to order others.

A wedding budget spreadsheet can either be in PDF form or excel depending on your preferences. There are various sites on the internet that offer the spreadsheets and you can choose the one that is includes all the items that you intend to have at the wedding. Some of them can be customized to suit your specific wedding needs.






To make sure the wedding budget spreadsheet is effective, you need to carry out a lot of research. This will offer you valuable information about what is available. Most people like to include their family members in the planning process but this does not mean that you should accommodate all their opinions. Stick to a guest list that you will be able to afford.

Before you set your budget, get quotes from different suppliers. This gives you a good opportunity to compare all the prices in the market before you settle on specific ones.



For all the items that you intend to include in your budget, make sure you get at least three quotes for each one of them. Looking at various vendors will help to bring down the costs. Once you make a purchase, make sure you get a receipt. This will make it easier for you to fill in your wedding budget spreadsheet.

The things that can push the budget are those small items that most people do not notice. If there is anything that is not in your budget leave it out because it will affect your planning process. Simple things like extra decorations and making changes to your rings can add up.

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