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As a coach possibly the greatest moment is watching one of my clients get victory over one of their goals. Unfortunately this does not happen to everyone, I have also seen many of my clients work hard but miss their goal by a mile, this always poses the question, what is the difference.

Both people seemed to work hard but why did one achieve greatness and another did not? Why do we find success in something and not in others? From my years in coach here are some common threads I have noticed that make a difference.


Where many people fall short I find is that they are not connected to their goal. What I mean is that they don’t really have a good enough reason to achieve it. For example, if your goal is to earn 1 million dollars, that is great but why do you want to earn 1 million dollars?

What will change as a result of you earning this money?

To achieve anything worthy you need to have a strong reason why to keep you motivated to follow through.



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