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Microsoft Excel is included on the top applications that are commonly used by everyone especially in the business world. Both the experts and novices use this application for several reasons related to efficiency and organization purposes like for creating shopping list and for organizing financial data.


However, many people will always find themselves in a not so good position mainly because of the passwords that are being created to protect files. As such, one will usually found themselves unlocking these files passwords without having any idea about the password that can unlock it.

Software Features:
Open Excel spreadsheet
Recover all Office docs
Easy for use
Free trial version
Free Download
size only- 5MB
Uninastall from add/remove apps

Recovery Software for Excel Password

You do not have to lose any of your data. You just have to use this recovery software for Excel Password, and you can already open any locked Excel file of yours!

The Key Benefits of Excel Password Recovery Software
The software is supporting all Microsoft Excel versions.
Supports all types of Excel files including .xls and .xlsx.
The software is capable of recovering any types of password.

It both can instantly recover and reset passwords for workbook modification and worksheet protection purposes, and even write reservation.

A free trial is available for this Excel Password Recovery Software.

There are several reasons why individuals and businessmen are put in that kind of situation. It can either be because the person who has set the password has already left the company or is unreachable. It can also be because the information about the password has been mislaid, or worse, it has been forgotten. Either way, that is something that need not to be worried about anymore since we are offering that perfect solution in recovering your Excel password



The recovery software for Excel Password that we offer is easy and fast to us. What we have is completely non-technical and is capable of recovering all type of passwords no matter how complex passwords are.
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Our recovery software is capable of decrypting Excel files up to the 2003 version instantly.

It can recover passwords created for the Excel 97 to 2002 through using the advanced attacks for password recovery.

Recovers and resets all the other types of password instantly including modify, worksheet and workbook protection, write reservation, and range protection passwords.

Uses 9 dictionaries for multi-lingual passwords, which are built in the software.

It supports password modification including those case changes made.
East to use –a setup wizard is included for setting up the recovery attacks for passwords.

The recovered passwords are automatically saved to be reused on other files.

Supported Excel Versions
Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2013, uses smart recovery
Microsoft Excel 95, 4.0, 5.0, 7.0, uses instant recovery

Demo Version

Recovers the first three letters of the password.

Allows every password attack to work for about 1 minute.
The Offered Types of Passwords for Microsoft Excel Protection
Password for opening and modifying documents.

Password for unprotect worksheet, protecting workbook, and the sharing workbook.

Excel Passwords Technology

For Microsoft Excel 96 and its earlier versions, passwords are then being converted to 16 bits key that can be cracked instantly. For the Excel 97/2000, passwords are being converted to 40 bits key that can be easily cracked with the use of modern equipment.

For Excel 2003/XP, encryption is made quite better since the user can choose the algorithm encryption provided in the system. However, passwords to open cannot be removed, even though the attack speed of the brute-force remains high.
For Excel 2007, the entire fundamental process was changed in which the modern AES algorithm having 128 bits keys are already the one being used in decrypting passwords. For Excel 2010, its default protection strength was marginally improved two times better.


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