Easy Way to Password Protect an Excel Document


The Easy Way to Password Protect an Excel Documents


Many people express a lot of concern with keeping their Excel files safe. Allowing other people easy access to your file is not something you would rather do considering that the information and data contained therein is quite confidential. In this article, you will learn how to password protect all the important

Microsoft Office gives users the permission to set passwords fro their Excel files, which stops others from accessing information contained in the files. These files can only be accessed and changed by people who know the respective passwords. Follow the simple steps listed below to set password for your Excel files:

Open the Excel document which you intend to password-protect
Go to the top menu and click “File”
Click “Save As”
Click “Tools” on the open window
When the drop down menu appears, select “General Options”
Enter your preferred password
Click “Ok” to finish the process

You can rename the Excel file, in addition to selecting the location you would like to save it to. If you rather leave it as it is, click “OK”.

After you have set the password to protect the Excel document, no one can open it unless they know the right password and use it accordingly. This is crucial since it helps to protect your privacy and any information you consider sensitive from being accessed by others.

However, even after setting a password, your Excel file still isn’t protected 100%. The file can still be seen on the hard drive. Someone can thus copy the file on to a Flash Drive or a Mobile/External Hard Drive and use other software to gain access to your confidential information which is inside the Excel file.

Several programs can be used to crack the password you set with the intention of protecting your Excel file or document. There are many websites where people can get access to password recovery services and software. Password-protected files can thus be cracked open within a few short minutes from these websites. Setting a password is only the first step, but it is not safe enough. Any visible file has the capacity of compromising your privacy or sensitive information.

The Data Protection Software will protect, hide and lock your Excel file. If you have an Excel document you intend to protect, there are several good protection software you can use to hide and password protect it as you desire.

You have the permission to add other files to the list of protected files you developed usingmost of these software. Once you add files to this list, they immediately become invincible and hidden from all the others, and no one else other than you will see the files you added to the protected list. This eliminates all worries on your part since you can rest safe in the knowledge that nobody will access or see the file without proper authorization. Choose one of these software and start using it on your computer today.

If you are unsure about the software to choose, click here in order to use the Easy Folder Lock. It is among the best password protection software, and will both hide and password protect your Excel documents together with other files as well. Click here to learn more on how to Password Protect Excel documents.


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