Build your perfect spreadsheet for you


Build your perfect spreadsheet for your Business & more


Every spreadsheet includes:

A logical layout and design for ease of use
Fast VBA programming that is more robust than formulas
Error prevention and capture facilities to reduce errors
The use of Windows style forms to make data entry simpler and quicker
Automation processes to connect with other applications
No matter how big or small your spreadsheet project is, we can save you time, money, effort and a lot of pointless stress!

Everything on this website we provide is 100% bespoke and designed around your needs – We do not use templates or rehash previous projects. We use a wide variety of techniques to ensure your project is perfect, including (but not limited to); Fast VBA programming – We program your project in VBA, resulting in a fast, secure and very stable solution. Logical layout & design – A logical spreadsheet design can make programming faster, more efficient and robust

Error prevention – Data validation and error prevention techniques can ensure your spreadsheet is accurate and efficient

Windows forms – Windows style forms give greater control of the data being entered, resulting in a greatly reduced number of errors.

Protection – We protect everything from individual cells right through to complete spreadsheets to prevent over typing. What does this mean for your business? Over 90% of spreadsheets contain errors! 80% of those are considered to be business critical. Can your business afford to be making decisions on faulty information?

A well-produced spreadsheet will not only save you time, money and effort now, it will reduce your exposure to making decisions based on faulty data well in to the future.


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